In 2014, Diono has introduced the Pacifica, Olympia, Pacifica and Rainier line of car seats. Diono has beefed up the upper torso and head area to provide even more side impact protection. And this review will cover the Diono Rainier model.

The Rainier is a nice addition to Diono’s convertible car seat line. We believe this car seat will be one of the most demanded car seat in US. There are many great comment and feedback about this convertible car seat . We compile some of the Diono Rainier Review from online to give you information before decided to choose this booster car seat.

We purchased this about a month ago and love it! The Rainier seat is comfortable for my son, very versatile for his size, and is reassuring to me with its dense and well built construction. We live in a city and travel around town frequently, so feeling confident that if some unforeseen incident was to occur, my son would have the best chance possible to walk away uninjured (at least seriously).”

“This Diono Rainier is  a nice, strong car seat.  The top tether strap has a short cable on it instead of a long one that connects to both sides of the Booster. Because of this, the buckle that connects to the one cable that you attach to the top tether of your car is always behind the car seat. It is impossible to tighten all the way with many cars because once you start to tighten the top strap, the buckle is pinned between the car seat and your back of the booster. Britax does not have this problem. Not sure why Diono can’t fix this.”

“Gorgeous color, and nice cushiony seat. The fabric is soft and breathable. Takes up A LOT of room when rear facing so keep that in mind, may not be best for a smaller car. The angle adjuster is a must have! Only two complaints that you can’t fit three across like you could with the older models and the cup holder is a joke.”


Diono Rainier Review

When it comes to children safety, never settle for less than best car seat. Diono Rainier is one of the company’s landmark car seats. It’s a convertible plus booster seat, which suitable for new born baby (as long as they meet the min weight 5 pounds) until children who weigh 120 pounds. The seat can be used in both front-facing mode and booster mode, meaning it has a longer life expectancy than standard boosters.

Commonly the Diono Rainier is quite easy car seat to installed. However, in some case the installation of this Rainier is going to be very specific to your vehicle, just like the Radian. Because the Rainier is based on the design of the Radian, the way it fits vehicles can sometimes be finicky. It also equipped with unique SuperLATCH system that makes installation easy, strong and secure. An audible click and visual indicator let you know when the connectors are locked. It also has Rear-facing tether capability which helps reduce seat rotation during an impact. This unique feature is not found on every car seat and provides an extra layer of protection when your child is rear-facing.

diono rainier review

The high rear-facing weight limit and tall shell will get even the largest child to at least age 3 years and smaller kid have made it to age 5 years and beyond. Diono sacrificed a mere inch for the extra structure, but kept all the other great features, like a rear-facing tether, expandable sides, and comfortable padding to create a well-rounded harnessed car seat.

Product Features

  • Full steel frame and aluminum reinforced sides
  • SuperLATCH connectors with Secureweave  webbing
  • Aluminum reinforced 12 position adjustable headrest
  • Folds flat for travel or storage
  • Can be tethered rear-facing
  • Energy absorbing EPS foam in headrest and torso area
  • Infant body support cushions and memory foam for added comfort

This seat doesn’t have a built-in lock off device for installations with seat belt so it’s very important to understand how your seat belt locks if you’re going to install with seat belt and not with LATCH connectors. Remember, once children reach 35 pounds rear-facing, or 40 pounds forward-facing – we must discontinue using the lower LATCH connectors and switch to a seat belt installation instead.


  • Easy to Install, Sturdy and Good Looking
  • Narrow for tight 3-across installations: while not as narrow as the Radian RXT, the Rainier is still a pretty narrow car seat
  • EPS foam in all the right places
  • Tether that can be used rear-facing
  • Low sides means easy loading/unloading of child
  • Expandable sides for leg comfort
  • Folds flat for travel or storage


  • Quite Heavy
  • Difficult to move crotch strap positions
  • No built-in lockoff for seat belt installations
  • Takes up a lot of front-to-back space when installed rear-facing without the angle adjuster

In general, this Diono Rainier Review from user is quite good. There are plenty of brilliant features in this car seat that customers love. Click Here to Read Review on Amazon site.